onsdag den 25. januar 2012

time is precious

I've had to realise, that sewing isn't going to happen the next couple of months. Just to much work to find everything needed, draw, cut, sew, swear, rip, sew again... I wish.... I never make it that far, because I don't have the time needed to sit at the dinning table, which is my only place to sew. I have to move everything to make room for lunch, dinner or whatever. And then there is the time... I just tired all the time these days ( being sick for almost 2 months, doesn't help), taking care of my baby who just won't sleep and the big one who is hyper and has fits all the time over nothing!!

So I have finally, helped along by a christmas present, been getting on with crocheting. I have been trying to learn for over a year now. I was in love with zik-zak (english?) crochet, so learned that first. Then on to the granny squares - I love those. So many possibilities. But I couldn't crack getting pass the first row. Today I had a breaktrough! Maybe it was because I started doing it as soon as I got out of bed - addicted? - noooo, lol.

I want to make a blanket as my first crochet thing. Was leaning toward the zig-zag or maybe a granny blanket, because of the smart and modern looking granny over at the purlbee. But I have also been oohing and aahing over different books I have borrowed at the library.
THe outcome so far is, that it is perfect for a busy mom to crochet! I can put it down instantly and continue when I have time.

I had planned for pictures of my crochet test, but the yarn is so ugly (use it for tests only - why did I by it anyway??), so you can't see the pattern.

what the h.. you can look past the ugly yarn, right?!


granny square

you can see it's a granny square, right? even though it's army looking, lol.
hang on for final decision on how my blanket will look.

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